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Ok, so I had a pcb made so I can easily connect my touchscreen tft lcd to my mega, and It worked great, when suddenly I don't know why it stopped working properly
at first I thought it was code related so I checked that and found nothing wrong, re uploaded and still didn't work
then I metered out the connections and Im getting continuity, so that runs out pcb fault
then I tried the demo from the library from adafruit, and I found the same problem, mainly that while the y axis works fine, the x axis gives me a number between 890 and 1000 when it should go from like 200- 1000
so I figured I somehow messed up the touchscreen, 40$ later my brand new touchscreen is giving me the exact same results, anyone have an idea what can go wrong?


Ok, so I figured out the problem was actually with the brand new mega2560, somehow the A5 pin was damaged or not working right, idk how since I thought it was the same adc that was multiplexed to all the analog pins, so how one pin returns 800-1000 readings when the one next to it reads 200-1000 from the same touchscreen baffles me

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