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Thanks for the information.
Can I have your actual baud?
Can you transfer 300KB/s with your synchronized setup?
How much is your "actual" transfer rate?


I figured out why my error rate was extremely high(stupid programming problem), but I'm still losing about 0.0001% of the frames/bytes.


This is a bit of an exhibition, hardware question, and software question. I have a working 3Mbaud connection.

First the questions:
   Is anyone running the Arduino at megabaud speeds? How many serial-frames do other people lose? I seem to lose about 0.05% of my frames even at low normal speeds...


I get about 296kbytes/sec through this 3megabaud connection.

To get the 3Mbaud connection:

  • modify the EEPROM on the FTDI chip to put out a 12Mhz signal on pin 14
  • divide that frequency to get a 3Mhz signal
  • connect the 3Mhz signal to digital pin 4
  • set the arduino to slave synchronous mode
I made the frequency divider with a 74HC595 and a 74HC14 I had laying around. I reprogrammed the FTDI chip using my Mac and the examples in the D2XX Driver Package http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm . To get the Arduino into slave synchronous mode I used:
Code: [Select]
       UCSR0C = (1<<UCSZ00) | (1<<UCSZ01) | (1<<UMSEL00) | (1<<UCPOL0);

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