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So, my computer has been running fine for ages, but the other morning it cut off, I thought maybe a power outage, turned it back on, and it starts booting, then cuts off while Windows is loading, I try a couple more times then go to work, come home, try a few more times, then unplug the video card, it boots up fine

So, my thinking is that the power supply is unable to provide enough current to power the video card anymore, wondering what component failures could possibly cause that? Anyone have any experience with PC power supplies (or just enough knowledge of general electronics to know what kind of circuit is in play)


Usually caps that go first in switch mode PSUs, but I've never bothered to repair one.
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Warning: Every power supply failure I've had has been followed by a hard drive failure.  This would be a very good time to make a backup.


Yea, I was thinking that it might be a cap (that's the one component I hear most about in computers going bad)

Good tip about the harddrive, luckily the only thing I really need to backup on that machine are game saves, 80% of the harddrive is games, probably 2% saves, and the rest is TV shows


So, tried turning it on again before disassembling power supply and it worked fine, I'm going to assume that the graphics card needed reseating, or something... >.> <.< *boggle*

Oh well, no use worrying about it (well, until it happens again DUN DUN DUUUN)

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