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I just got an AVRISP mkII and looking at the description of it's cable, I get the impression that the nearly invisible arrow head mark on the end of the cable (same side of the connector as the red wire) should be plugged into the ICSP header on the R3 to match the nearly invisible white dot on the silkscreen. (Correct me if I'm wrong before I blow something up :-).


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Nick Gammon

There's an arrow? (looks carefully).

I just make sure the red wire lines up with the dot on the silkscreen.


There's an arrow? (looks carefully).

Only in the right light: It is a small triangle that isn't as glossy as the rest of the connector :-).


Hello Nick,
Only just today come across your website which looks pretty good.

BTW, I'm a newbie and many of the replies are heavily jargon-laden and thus tricky to follow. This may have been covered already, but.......
The SCK and SCL have 2 lots of connectors. I got a copy of an Arduino Uno from 'Sainsmart' in an offer I couldnt refuse.
On this board the SCL and SCK outputs on the digital side of the board have been omitted.

Perhaps you can sort out a confusing issue for me. A new ATMEGA328 needs to have the bootloader loaded before it will accept sketches. I dont understand why. A blank PIC chip can be programmed with a Hex file. Is this because the sketch is being loaded into the chip via the TX and RX pins and not through the ISCP header  ( MOSI/MISO)?


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