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Any news about this thread:
Shell we all migrate to github with our libraries?

An interesting read. It certainly makes sense to have one place to house all the available libraries. My projects include hardware, though. I don't think it would fit under the library repository. I have an account on GitHub and an account on Google Code. Incidentally, when I tried to play with it both sites were down for maintenance.

Does GitHub support a wiki or any king of mechanism to provide information outside of then repository? I have visited quite a few projects hosted on Google Code. So I know the wiki available there.


I have played with Github for a bit. I do like it a lot. I understand that with git the entire repository is available as a local copy, unlike SVN where only the specific checked out version is locally available. If I have it right, every git repository on my computer is a complete copy of all the files, all the versions on my local computer.

But how can I make sure that git pulls all repositories and all branches from Github? I'd like a daily script to run on my server that ensures I have a copy of everything at Github backed up on my local server. Basically my last ditch insurance.


Google code initially supported hg, which offers the same idea of a local repository. "hg" has the "pull" and "push" command to sync the repository with the server. The same is true for git ("git pull" and "git push").
Meanwhile, one can also use git with google code. So, there is no difference between google code and github regarding the version management.



I think I ave a lot to learn about git. I think using "git clone --mirror" will allow me to setup a complete backup of each repository on my local server. Now I just need to know if there is an easy way to pull a lst of repositories from github.


Git on Github is pretty much the pinnacle of free shared coding these days.  Pull requests, forking, viewer comments on commits, online editing, issue tracker, wiki, easy to create project website, etc etc.  Github rocks.

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