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Big Oil

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I've made another adjustment to the code.  If you're not using a capacitor to smooth out the data from the IR sensor it might randomly falsely trigger it, so now it will take 4 data samples and average them to make sure someone is actually standing there.  Right now there is a 1 second delay, then a 1 second sample time.  If the toilet is next to a bathtub you might want to make that triggering delay longer, because someone might stand there for 5 seconds before getting into the tub.  
If you haven't seen the pictures of the non-wooden apparatus at the bottom of page 1 check that out.
Wortlesoft- no misses yet.  Andy R, let me know how it goes.  You could also make a fun button with lights for the kids, or a clapper (clap twice).
Code: [Select]
#include <ServoTimer1.h>
ServoTimer1 servo1;

int sensor=0;
int sensorPin=5; //distance sensor on analog pin 5

int PreparingToFlush=0;
int sample1;
int sample2;
int sample3;
int sample4;

void setup() {
 servo1.attach(10); //servo data line on pin 10
// digitalWrite(3,HIGH);

void loop() {


if (PreparingToFlush==0){  
if (sensor > 90){ //if distance sensor detects someone
 delay(1000);  // wait
 sample1=analogRead(sensorPin); //take a sample of the data
 sensor= (sample1 + sample2 + sample3 + sample4)/4;
 if (sensor > 90){ // check again to make sure someone is actually there
 digitalWrite(13, HIGH);

if (PreparingToFlush==1){ //if a person has been detected
 if (sensor < 60){ // if the person has now left
 if (sensor < 60){
 servo1.write(175); //FLUSH
 digitalWrite(13, LOW);
 PreparingToFlush=0;  //reset the trigger


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I saw the picture but didn't realise this was a new situation. That sure is a lot better.
I'm surprised that such a servo is powerfull enough.


LOL that is awesome... it made my day haha

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