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A school project of mine was porting there existing development boards to the arduino IDE.

My school uses there own development board with a atmel at90can128 mcu.
It has a onboard jtag ICE programmer based on a atmega16.
It has 1 usbport emulation 2 comports (FTDI ft2232d) one is connected to the jtag programmer, and one is connected to a uart of the at90can
And all the other stuff like power regulator leds and stuff.

Now I have made the core file for this board, but it should work with any at90can, you need maybe a different pins.
It also supports CAN bus, I've used the atmel CAN library for this http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/at90CANLIB_3_2.zip.
I have modified it so it works in the arduino IDE.
Check the atmel library out how it works, with the examples.
I have included 2 sketch's with CAN support.
The CAN support works only with the at90can of course, its embedded in the mcu.

And as last to make it complete, it also has a bootloader.

Here are the core files: It supports the arduino IDE 0018


Hi SuperCow,

Weird that no one replied as that there are some working on automotive related projects. Could you elaborate on what parts of the chip work with the arduino function names? analog read/write, Serial and Serial1 etc.
I'm also interested in the schematic of the development board. Looks like there are quite a few 'addons'. Any chance that you could publish that?
Could you explain how/why there is another processor connected to the jtag interface?

Even if i wouldn't use the particular controller i'm excited when there is news about arduino supporting more processors.



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Of course everything has the same naming, but compared to the atmega168/328 it has allot more pins, interrupt, pwm etc.

In the configuration of my development board, I have 45 I/O pins
7 PWM ports, 8 external interrupts, 2 uarts, 8 analog (only 4 used other 4 by the jtag)

So this chip is between the atmega168/328 and the mega feature wise.
But it does have 128kb program space, 4kb flash and 4kb memory.

The atmega16 is the jtag programmer, programmed as jtag ice1 programmer. see: http://www.scienceprog.com/build-your-own-avr-jtagice-clone/

I dont have the schematics of this board, its development by my school. And its very expensive, around 100 euro.


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Hi SuperCow,

It´s very interesting your project... cool!

I have one olimex board, based on AT90CAN128 ( http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8279 ).

Do you think your code could work on this board?

Thank you   ;)


Igor R.


Yes is should. I have included a bootloader, so you can upload with the serial.

Maybe you need to change the pins_arduino.c but it should work just fine.
And please let  me know if it does  :)


Very nice and nice to see another AVR chip type added to the Arduino world. Thank you for the contribution.



Hi, the core file seems to disappear from the server.  Can you post it again or tell me where the new location is, please?  Thanks!


Hi, the core file seems to disappear from the server.  Can you post it again or tell me where the new location is, please?  Thanks!

I can't get to the files either. Does anyone have a local copy they could share? Thanks!


It should work again, I removed them by accident cleaning up the server


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has anyone had any luck using one of the olimex at90can boards with arduino? I have been trying to get it to work but I am not familiar enough with arduino ... I can get it to upload a sketch but it doesn't seem to run, even something basic like blinking the led on pin 6.

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