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Ok I have purchased the HB25 (Parallax) and having problems getting it to work.
I have found code that one person uses TX and RX on a mega - can't get it to work.
I have read posts that treat it as a servo - still playing with that but no success yet.

I would appreciate comments or sample code from anyone that has used the HB25 successfully.



I have read posts that treat it as a servo - still playing with that but no success yet.

Per the user's manual, this is one of the ways it is designed to be used. You probably need to post your code to find if it has issues. Also remember all grounds need to be connected together.
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Thanks gentlemen for your comments.

Yes, I have done many searches and found some interesting articles.
I'm still searching and I will review my wiring again but it would be nice if I can find a proven method which I can build on.


Ok, I have figured out thanks to the previous comments to have another look at my setup.
Found some code and I can pulse the HB25 and motor moves as it should.
Code just sets the output high, waits 2000 microseconds then pin is set low. I will try using the servo library instead.

Now I have to try to get it to work through the position controller which I purchased from Parallax. (Comes with the wheels and motors).
I will continue to troubleshoot and add to this post for anyone that is interested.
Sending and receiving the data on one wire will be the tough part.

Funny, I blew a 3 amp fuse during testing.


Hi RandyMan,

Curious to know whether you finished your project ? How did you managed to control the motor using position controller ? Appreciate your inputs, I am struggling with it.


I have not finished the project as I working on several at the same time but I did make progress with the controller.
Actually I think it is a good product.

Where I stand now...
I did some testing out in a field...go a specifc distance and turn. Just to get an idea on how it works.
Decided to add some relays to turn the motors off in case of an emergency and to keep them off during startup.

Bench tested the motor...go a specific distance, ramp down and stop. Turning etc...
Looks good so far except I need more testing on turning. I was spinning the other wheel in the opposite direction for a faster turn.

So I have attched the micro controller, relays, breadboard, pan/tilt, one IR  and two sonic sensors. One more sonic sensor to add then I plan to test again outside. See if I can avoid obstacles.
Then add xbee, compass, some type of user interface and perhaps a GPS.
I will also add many small sensors as I move along.

Your welcome to my code, wiring or anything I can do to help. Nice to share what I have and someone else to help when I get stuck.
You can alway e-mail me directly.



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