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oh - i think there is a little misunderstanding - the tutorial i mentioned discribed this, i only didn't know, that these pins are the isp pins.
my board is connected to the arduino like in this picture

and i also uploadet the "arduinoISP" sketch to the uno, also switched the IDE to the board i want to burn the bootloader to (Arduino Diecimila or Duemilanove w/ATmega168P) and the bootloader burning process starts, but the RX/TX lights of my arduino uno stoped blinking after ~15 sec, the burning process fails and i got the error messages i posted above.

I had a VERY similar problem getting started with arduino last month putting the boot loader on a few ATMEGA328PU's. I found you need to change the expected ID of the chip and then pulled out my hair trying to debug the circuit. It looks like you are trying to use the Arduino as ISP to burn the boot loader... I can't find it again, but I found one credible article on the internet saying you couldn't use the Uno (Just Older versions maybe?) as a ISP.

I resisted for a day and a half but in the end ended up making a parallel programmer really quickly and simply using the Uno as a glorified socket for the new atmega I am burning the bootloader to and plugging the parallel programmer into the ICSP header opposite the board from the power and USB plug.

One thing to remember, or so I'm told, is that you must be powered externally when burning the bootloader with the parallel programming method.

I hope this helps.


well about 2 minutes before I read your post I still got it :-)

my error was to use the ArduinoISP sketch frome the IDE 1.0 version, an burning with ther 0023 version, now I uploaded the sketch from the 0023 and i got it working :)

but also, thank you ;)


Can i use a arduino mega 2560 to burn a bootloader to a atmega 328 chip on a breadboard?

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not trying o be a noob but I cant seem to find a tutorial that will work. Can you point me in the right direction. I am trying to burn the "atmega328 with internal 8mhz) bootloader onto a minimalist breadboard config. I just keep getting errors. mostly not in synch resp=0x00

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