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Here's my latest. It's a typewriter that can type on its own and detect what's being typed on it, so that you can play text-based games with it.




Interesting - you re-implemented a tele-type (well, a version of one, anyhow; iirc, teletypes used a selectric ball mechanism or a daisy wheel, mostly - I imagine later ones used dot-matrix carriages)...

Something like that would be wonderful hooked up to my Altair (provided it was in running condition, which it currently isn't)...

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Thats hella cool  ;D

I've seen this kinda game before, but not implemented like this




Cool project.  Years ago, before computer printers were widely and cheaply available, you used to be able to buy kits that converted IBM Selectric typewriters into printer terminals.  As I recall, they were a pain to get and keep working properly.  I used to have a Teletype ASR-33 in my dorm room at Univ. of Mich.  Good times.

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