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I presume that you are all familiar with the 1.0 release. I could compile a small book on why it shouldn't belong with the rest of the Arduino software, that's not what this post it about. This post is about what should-have-been.

Ancientduino - Arduno 0022 with compatibility for 1.0. It's as simple as that. I've just started working on it recently. With any luck, there will be no more dual-Arduinoing going on.

I realize that what we *need* is for the Arduino team to apologize for screwing up years of libraries that will likely never get rewritten. I realize that the Arduino team *needed* to have eased the community into 1.0 (The wiki is still a mess). But none of this is likely to change. In the meantime, let's enjoy the fact that this is an open source project, and that we can do this.


Forking a project divides the community. I'm not being paid for this, so in the long run mine would be abandoned while the lack of community has made the official one worse. All I'm trying to do is introduce backwards capability into the Arduino project for as long as it's required.

So what do you have to do? Wait until I get these files up and hosted, then make sure that your code works. Constructive and successful feedback makes me happy :)


Just host the patches, like how kernel patches are hosted separately.  So the instructions are: (1) Get the official Arduino release, (2) Get your patch, (3) Apply the patch.

Also makes it easy for the Arduino team to integrate them if they're a straightforward patch.  There shouldn't be too many changes.  I'm going to guess that it can be done all in ONE file, "WProgram.h".

Also note that the sketch directory is on the include path, so the instructions could be as easy as, "Put this file in your sketch."

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