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looking at that picture again, where are your capacitors that are needed with a crystal?


I realized the other day that it is in fact impossible to quote an image ;D.



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Some really clever boards here, and a good idea for a thread.

FWIW, some boards I made:

Two board stack - (bottom) Boost switcher/MCU & (top) RTC, EEPROM, Temp, & RS232

644P with SD card
(You can get a similar board, w/o the FTDI, as a kit from http://timewitharduino.blogspot.com/)
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it apparently works fine without the caps :) not sure how stable but its been behaving well and is currently plugged into a freeformed cylon/KITT running light (was origonally planned as a POV but i havent got back to that yet)
It was being really unstable at 1st but that was probably down to the POV program corrupting the chip, and that borked the bootloader too or summin. so i burned in the current prog via ICSP on another board (boarduino) and its been happy ever since.
runs nice off a small battery too.

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Have you considered using the internal oscillator?


it was just an experement based on that japanese guys work ;)


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Also made 1.5 arduino's myself.  One board is finished the other board is not finished yet. Both are stripboard versions. I also have a couple of atmegas programmed with a bootloader for breadboard use.


It's things like this that make me come to this forum.  I love how adaptable the arduino really is and this just inspires me to keep developing my own uses/boards.


I wish Arduino user-base was a little more hardware based. I think everyone should make their own Arduino. It seems like a great experience. I like Bill's third board. The thin white one is quite nice.

Old thread, but I had to comment. These boards are all very nice. I think more people should share their custom boards.


Can I ask in terms of cost, will it be cheaper to build your own Arduinos?


...Theoretically yes. Assuming you have the tools already to make one and you know how to build one. All that should cost is the supplies for the board.



Only on a breadboard (I've never been one for buying prebuilt electronics  ::) )
Heres a vid of it in action:

And some pics of it:

Fun stuff!


I've also enjoyed making a few such as the simon game and a very, very minimalist arduino where most of the components are underneath the board. All are based on a Sure Electronics development board.
There are more images at http://www.gv3.com.au/2009/12/21/microcontroller-based-development-boards/

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