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More detail, with links as last post was my 1st and no links allowed...
I have been looking at a project by Louise here, where she has built a super dual input/output do-dah with an lcd display and user defined timings all via a numeric keypad.
I think I am going to have a go at copying here design and code, but it doesn't have the ability to use a solenoid. I am sure it would be easy to do if only I understood what I was doing. I can grasp the basics, for example I need to trigger the script on a switch to start the solenoid sequence of one drip, a delay and another drip. The 1st drop would trigger the photo-gate and set a timer running for a delayed flash. It seems straight forward to use a pre-set delay like you have in your code example, I just cant get my head round the lcd display code and the entry of the user defined delays. Louise's code is here if anyone fancies taking a look.

I have had a much deeper read of the code, and may have found a way to do what I want to do, just got to work out how to wipe up a solenoid without blowing everything up, the fun continues....

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