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I find navigating round the forum very slow because of the long time taken by the server to respond. My browser frequently tells me it can't connect to the server, and this is particularly frustrating when I have spent ten minutes composing a lengthy reply and tried to post it (which has just happened again - losing all the text I was trying to post). Is there any chance of hosting the forum on a faster server that responds reliably? I have already cut back the number of replies I post because I can't afford the time that I often have to wait.
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I was about to start a thread on this topic myself.

Note to forum owners:  I find I am unable to provide as much technical support as I would like to, simply because pages are taking a couple of minutes to load each, and typing in a reply is frustratingly slow.

Quite often simple queries can be answered in a couple of sentences. But if the time taken to see the query, and reply, is 5 minutes, this obviously substantially reduces the number that can be answered in an hour, compared to if they appeared in a second or so.

In another thread almost a month ago:

Just a quick message to report that we are aware of the slowness and we have a laundry list of things that we are doing to remedy the situation.

* First of all the number of users is increasing really fast, this obviously calls for more computing power that we are buying right now.

* There is a lot of optimisations that need to go into the design of the website and forum.Something that can be done quickly will be applied in the following weeks. We're working on a new IA for the site so any major modification will be delivered when we launch the new site.

Perhaps in the interim you could buy more computing power?

Has anything been done since that message? If not, when is it planned to be done? Just so we know how long we have to endure this pain. :)

When is the "new site" being launched? Bearing in mind the current forum got upgraded not that long ago.
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