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I'm currently working on my website, but you can find a basic schematic and description at http://nightscapetech.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=8 . I'll try to add a parts list later today. I got everything from sparkfun and digikey.


To translate Mike Mc.

rozzers = police
boot = trunk

All good fun, but definitely some scope for serious misunderstanding with the authorities.

Your police all carry guns for heavens sake! Over here we have only just let them have cars and they do enough damage with them!
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I looked over the schematic and it looks very nice and clean.  Realizing that I have most of the parts needed as spares and stuff from previous projects, all that I really need in the way of a parts list is just the website for the keypad, and the sparkfun model number for the display.

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Thats is freaking awesome.


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SI, it hasn't really been a problem for us. Most of the time the police are more interested in what airsoft is, and want to try out some of our gear, and I drive around with some pretty serious hardware. For most games I have nothing less than 2 M4A1s, 1 G36c, 1 sig552, 2 ak-74s, 1 M249 SAW, 2 mp5ks, 2 Beretta M9s, 1 M1911, 6 M67 Frag grenades, 6 flash bang grenades, 2 claymores, 40 or so magazines, 3 tac-vests, and of course, the bomb prop. For games we always notify state and local police (and campus police when using our University field), and we often have members of law enforcement playing in the games with us.

Electrical Juggernaut, this is the keypad I used for the first design:

I used a 4x4 keypad in later designs that I got at a local shop, it's the same setup, just 1 extra pin.

And this is the serial LCD that I used:


Thanks man
one last question - the display link you sent me it a 16x2 red on black, serial display. in the video; however it looks like a 16x3 if you wouldn't mind, can you please double check



Yep, it's just the 16x2. A 16x3 would be nice though.


Thanks again. My arduino is fried, left it plugged in during massive electrical storm  >:(. Funny thing is I had a kill-a-watt plugged in and it survived, and measured a 3.7 Kv spike. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the arduino never had a chance at anything above 10v.  Anyway, the nice thing about arduinos is that they come a dime a dozen.  So I went on over to the website, and saw the "were cooking something new for you" message. What do you think, should I wait and buy the soon-to-be-released arduino or just buy another duemilanove 328?


Working on the same project!! Was now looking for some info to start the software... but the hardware is already done, and have some ideas to share... i'll try to take some pics, but what i've already done is this:
for the arming, the team has a set of 3 db9 terminals that has to insert on 3 db9 plugs in the right configuration, that to power up the bomb and get it ready to arm.
To disarm, i have two metal cilinders, one with a plastic tube inside and metal bottom, and other with a plastic cup on the bottom. On the top of the one that has the cup is a plastic cap with a metal pendat connected to a relay. what the player has to do to disarm it is remove the cap from one tube carefuly so the pendant doesn't touch the metal walls, and then insert it in the other tube. when the pendant meets the metal bottom of the tube it will disarm the bomb...

hope you undestand :D :D

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