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did someone used sussifully Arduino mega ADK with android  ???

i have tendence to think that we can't get it working together :S

so i know that it sopposed to work in theory, but in pratical ...




I got an ADK board about 2 months ago but I just started to play with it a couple of days ago. Two days ago I posted two tutorials on my website:

How To Send Data From Your Android Device to The ADK Board
How To Send Data From The Board To The Android Device

Unfortunately I didn't buy the board the with the sensors so I had to basically trim down the code to what it was only necessary for communication. What I have to say is that Arduino+Android projects are not for beginners, you have to know Java well or there won't be much you can do other than copy and paste other people's projects, that's for the Android-side code, the Arduino side code is not complicated at all.


I am not sure, if it's useful comment, but you can use ArduinoCommander android app to control your arduino board, including Mega: https://market.android.com/details?id=name.antonsmirnov.android.arduinocommander

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