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I want to control a whole bunch of different DC circuits on a boat.

I've found many different 4-8-16 channel relay boards that are relatively inexpensive.

But I've not been able to find any mosfet boards, like this one which is no-longer available:

Anybody know where I might find a board like that? The closest thing I've found so far is a 6 channel shield for $20.



But its limited to 2A continuous load per channel which is rather low.

http://www.mosaic-industries.com/embedded-systems/instrumentation/opto-isolated-high-current-driver-digital-output-ssr/motor-control#specifications  seems more beefy.

Try googling "8 channel mosfet board" and selecting the images - easy to spot likely candidates by appearance sometimes ;)

[ actually getting several smaller boards might be useful, you only need high-current devices for the high-current channels
and this might increase the choice ]
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Member Terry on this site has a small mail order site where he sells lots of useful arduino support stuff including this 4 channel mosfet board:




Thanks folks.    Those were the only ones I was finding as well.

I ruled out the first on because it was in the UK (I am in US) and $70 or so outside my budget.

The 4 channel one is closer but at $18 for four channels vs $8-10 for the one I posted or for a relay board I have a hard time justfying the 4x price difference.

I'm surprised there are dozens and dozens of relay boards available but it's so hard to find a mosfet one.  Is there a reason why mosfets are the wicked stepchild?


Yeah, Relays can switch a larger variety of voltages. Maybe not high current, but you can switch AC & DC, and with low current, voltage isn't much of a problem.


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