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Peter Verstappen

I think I can take two things from this post:

1. Include #undef int  somewhere

2. * Moved insertion of #include <WProgram.h> to after any comments and #include statements in the main sketch file.  This means that an #include <stdlib.h> now works.

If one of these or both are supposed to "do the job" where do I have to change code then? In "NECIRrcv.h" or in the "main sketch calling "NECIRrcv.h"?



Hi, I am a noob at Arduino en English... :P

And I have a problem, I use a IR Photodiode for this library, does that work? And do you must connect the Photodiode to a analog pin or a digital?


The IR signal from a remote control has a carrier frequency, usually around 38kHz or 40kHz.  This helps filter out noise because the system can ignore any signal that's not at the carrier frequency.  

The IR modules discussed in this thread strip out the carrier and just output the signal.  If you use a straight photodiode connected to an Arduino pin, the pin will see the carrier frequency, and you will have to deal with that signal.

You would connect it to a digital input, but connecting it isn't completely straightforward.


Hey Lighty,
To be able to receive and decode commands from remote controls you would need an IR receiver, like this one:
This is an IC that does much more than a photodiode.
Signals from this IR receiver is digital, so you connect it to a digital input.
Read this:
or follow this thread for another solution:

Rodney Keeling

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