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The idea is simple, remove the static and noisy servo regulation part of a wheeled robot building. Every bot builder passes hours regulating servos because they never stay turned off. The potentiometer system like parallax is sick and nonsense. For this reason I design a new modification that adds a very important input to arduino of our servos:


To read the code go to this page:

Google translate mungles my code I don't know why.
I hope you consider elegant my idea   ;)
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Congratulazioni gbm!

Really nice improvement. Are you working professionally in mechatronics/contro area?



Für die deutschsprachigen: "Tedesco" übersetzt auf Deutsch  ;)


Looks great, fo you have a video to show how it works compared to the "old way" ?

How to make it when the servo drives with higher voltage as the arduino?
A lot of projects run the servo power direct from some 7,2V batterys and the arduino trough a 5V regulator...


How to make it when the servo drives with higher voltage as the arduino?

I think a voltage divider would do the trick.
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This has noting to do with the subject but how do you make so nice images with the arduino and the breadboard?
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