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sadly, that model seems to be out of stock, now ;(


newhaven display part #: NHD-0420E2Z-NSW-BBW

146 mm x 62.5 mm x 14.5 mm


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All of this would work out awesome for retro-fitting an antique radio, since it's in small components and can be made to fit a particular design. Finding a way to intergrate or hide the LCD might be an interesting challenge too.  :D


This is "exactly" what I am looking for.

Could you send me a link to your DIY Stereo that get information from the ACC (iTunes) or MP3 file.



Hi Linux-works.
I'm a fellow audio guy from Headfi.
How does the audio part work?
Did you do it with the arduino, or is there somethin else involved.
Would be awesome to have a arduino controlled mpd player that outputs spdif or i2s. If you already did that, great :).


the audio section is done entirely on a linux system.

on this demo (which I have since abandoned) I used the ethernet shield to be a web client of mpd's apache interface.  requests would go from the arduino over IP to the webserver and replies would be parsed and displayed on the lcd as song name, play length and so on.

it was not a great idea though.  the ethernet shield is just too limited and too buggy for serious use (imho).

my new idea is to use an embedded fanless linux board (current fave is a seagate dockstar hacked to run debian on a thumbdrive) and that still runs apache and mpd as well as usb-audio (spdif out).  my plan is to have a serial link between the linux box and the arduino and have some compressed efficient comms protocol run over that.


like that plan alot. I hope you'll succeed! :)

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