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Hello there!

I got a Color LCD Shield from Sparkfun and assembled the stackable headers, everything else was pre-soldered in place.

When I try to run some examples (with arduino uno or arduino ADK) all I see is a very faint test pattern on a dark display.

The contrast of the display seems to be fine, but it seems to me, the backlight won't turn on.

Should the backlight be lit as soon as the shield has power?

if so, how can I check if the backlight is getting the power or if a connection is broken?

Any advice?

Thanks in advance


Well, I so far discovered, that the boost curcuit is only providing 1.12 V to V-LED+.

I also discovered the with the PB20 you can control the backlight, maybe it is turned OFF, but if it is so, anyone knows how to turn it on?

Thanks in advance


which color LCD is it... give some specifications coz i olso once used a nokia 6100's color lcd bought from sparkfun !!



Thats the one i bought. its a Nokia 6100 display.

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