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Has anyone had experience with either of these Taos digital color sensors?
My application is detecting changes in color signatures. These sensors are
offered in both SMBus and I2C interfaces: I see references to both in the
forums. Is one or the other considered particularly Arduino-friendly, or
does it depend on the application?




the arduino reference mentions I2C and TWI but not SMBus:

wikipedia says that SMBus is derived from I2C:


Just searched TCS3414 from forum, and this is the only hit i got ?

Would like to have some pieces for evaluation too but only seller i found was mouser with 20€ handling fees  :smiley-eek-blue:
Any hint of other sellers ?
My software has no bugs, only random features.


I have some of the chips and have just started the integration process after receiving the other components needed.  Regretfully Mouser is the only place that I found after talking with TAOS directly that allows small quantity orders.  Others are order by Reel of 2500 pc.

One thing to keep in mind with this chip is the CMOS voltage requirements 3.3 VDC on(VDD as well as both i2c lines SDA and SCL), you will need a level shifter for the i2c lines, either a pair of enhansed jfets of Spark Fun has a level shifter already assembled as well as a SOT23 to DIP adapter that the chip solders to nicely.
Spark Fun part numbers:
Level Converter BOB-8745
SOT23 to DIP BOB-00717


By the way I am not sure if this might help but here is a link to a breakout board with the TCS3414FN, with Fitler Cap installed with two 3 pin headers.
The final link is an ebay sale.


Hi I recently started working on this I am struck with the SYNC pin. Whats the use of the SYNC pin?? can i just ground the SYNC pin carry on my color sensing works??

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