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Hi, all.

I'm trying to use an Arduino Nano as an ArduinoISP so that I can burn a plain ATmega168 chip. The only hitch is that pin 12 is fried on my nano...

It seems unlikely but is it possible to use a different pin for MISO? I can't find any reference to relocating any SPI pins other than SS.




No, the SPI signals are "hardwired" to internal hardware that performs the SPI functions. However I guess someone proficient enough could write a software SPI functions using different pins and then rewrite the ArduinoISP sketch to utilize that software SPI function. Sounds like a lot of work, better to find a way to buy a new Arduino board. A 'clone' arduino board can often be found on E-bay for around $20 if money is tight.



I agree with retrolefty on replacing your board, but if you want to try it in software here's some code from someone who's done it:


Good luck,

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Thanks, both - really helpful info.

It's just typical that the one pin I blew happens to have a key purpose!



It's just typical that the one pin I blew happens to have a key purpose!

It comes under the same law of physics that states a dropped peice of toast will always fall buttered side down. ;)

Most the I/O pins on a Arduino have secondary functions, so it's never nice to have a non-functional I/O pin.



Another option is to unsolder the fried CPU and solder on a new one. Not too expensive when ordered from Digikey, et al and it'll teach you drag soldering in the process! It's something I'll be doing with my mini-pro after applying a bit of too much voltage to one of the analog pins...


I think the Ruggeduino sounds like a good idea, given the experiences you describe.


Yeah, the Ruggeduino is one fantastic little unit that is a terrific value. All the benefits of a Uno plus voltage protection with minimal additional cost.


FWIW For "moving" pins this shield is sometimes an option - http://mayhewlabs.com/products/go-between-shield -
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