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Hmm, in the Device Manager can you find out what Vendor ID and Product ID is showing up for your board?  I think it's in "Advanced" > "Driver Properties" or something like that, under Hardware IDs, maybe. 

It's possible that there's a problem with the 16U2 firmware, but if the board shows up at all and is listed as "Arduino Uno" (or similar) in the device manager, than the firmware is basically working (because that's where Windows gets that information).


Well I think I am on the right track now. Since Windows was not recognizing the UNO Rev3.inf file as a legitimate resource I opened Atmel FLIP. At first I was getting a couldn't find library error when trying to set the USB communications. I went ahead and updated the driver on the Arduino to the C:\Atmel\Flip 3.4.5\usb folder and it all went in just fine. So now the UNO is listed in the device manager as Atmel USB Devices/AT mega16U2.

My next move will be to load the UNO Rev3 hex firmware file to the ATmega16U2 chip and see if I can get further into the board. If the hex file wont go in it means there is no bootloader on the mega16U2 chip and I'll have to start from there. Isn't learning fun.

So apparently the UNO left the factory without the preprogrammed firmware/and or bootloader on it. Or perhaps it was erased somewhere along the way. Who knows at this point.

And Mellis to answer your question the board never showed up as 'Arduino UNO" only "AT mega16U2". Atleast now it has a name and driver. Before it always said there was no driver available for said device.


Be advised that recently somebody had problems with loading drivers for a board and it was determined that the maker had used a prolific USB serial chip on the board

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Thanks Zoomkat. I had come across that already. In this particular situation I am using a real Arduino UNO R3.

Some small progress. I was able to, using the Atmel FLIP program, load the ATmega16U2 hex file to the Arduino. It immediately notofied me of new hardware and I was able to install the UNO Rev3 driver for the board. It now appears as Arduino UNO under the com ports dropdown in device manager. I still cannot upload to the device but progress is always good. I suppose the next step will be to flash the 328 chip from the FLIP program with the correct Hex file for it and then, perhaps I can move forward with this thing.

I'll keep ya'll posted as to what I find out.

Oh and for the record, It is not a problem with Windows after all. Who would've imagined that?


Well it appears I cannot burn the bootloader to the Mega328 without either a working Arduino, or a stand alone programmer. If I am mistaken please someone show me the way as it has not presented itself yet.

I did however steal the 328 out of the old, loop-back test failed Arduino, and put it in place of the 328 with no bootloader.
First thing I noticed is the "L" light blinks 4 times very rapidly then repeats itself after about a 1 second delay.
If I try to upload to it the blinking turns into a second on, second off blinking pattern. I get the "not in sync resp=0x00" error.

If I am understanding correctly the 1 second on/off  pulsing indicates the bootloader is installed.

So where should I go next?


Think I am having a similar issue....

here is my situation.

last week i went to the local radio shack and picked up a uno board, pretty sure its the non R3 version, but has a 328 chip.

loaded the software onto my computer (1.0 is what it claims it is) and everything works.

loaded several scetches, modifies some etc. Great.

I wanted a second unit to play with, as the uno is has been delegated to a specific project already and my work partner wont give it back, I went back and bought a MEGA 2560 R3. not only was it the only one they had, but now i can make him squirm with envy cause mine is bigger.....he deservs it for comondering my uno.

However, I cannot make it work.
I did select this board in the arduino program.

I get ann error message once its plugged in, saying that new hardware is installed and i need to load software bla bla bla....

But cant seem to find the drivers for it.
tried to download the zip file from adruinos site that should have the propper dirver in it, but i get a corrupted file error message. So what now, this is quite frustrating.

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