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I wanna try to build the webserver example in arduino.
But can I really access this server through internet. as I observed, there is only the the private ip and mac is  coded in the sketch.
so how can i access this from a different network through the Internet..?
And I'm using an ENC28J60 based ethernet shield.
Please help..



Check - http://www.no-ip.com/ - You can register a sub-domain for free e.g.  phantom89.no-ip.com

No-ip.com forwards requests to this to your ip address (router) and a predefined port.
You need to config portforwarding to your arduino's ip in your router.
Your arduino should have a fixed IP to make this work - afaik

Note that anyone knowing the name phantom89.no-ip.com  or your IP/PORT combination can contact your arduino.

hopes thie helps
Rob Tillaart

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Thanx robtillaart...
Ill try this as soon as my device is ready..
An hope you will help if i need any further help with this..

btw, Happy New Year...!!!


hey, can use Pachube for this task?

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