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Hello together,
I hope I post in the correct forum.
I want to debug an Arduino using Eclipse Helios and a Dragon. The communication between Arduino Mega Dragon and I have checked with AVR Studio 5.
Then I adjusted the settings (Avarice) as recommended here.

So far everything seems to be Ok. :)

- Debug as -> C/C++ Application
- Selected in the dialog window:    binaries BotTwo.elf
                       Qualifier „avrle - /BotTwo/Debug/BotTwo.elf
Now this error message appears:
Cannot run program "D:\Users\Kucky.ADMIN-PC\Entwicklung\Eclipse\workspace\BotTwo\Debug\BotTwo.elf" (in directory "D:\Users\Kucky.ADMIN-PC\Entwicklung\Eclipse\workspace\BotTwo"): CreateProcess error=193, %1 ist keine zulässige Win32-Anwendung
Now I do not go on. :~
Happy new year,

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