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I have this 36V brushless 800W bicycle hub motor. I am trying to use an arduino to control the "throttle" with a Potentiometer. I already have 3 x 12V batteries hooked in series.

What are my options in terms of what arduino I should get? I am not very experienced when it comes to these types of components but my goal is to try and avoid using a purchased controller. My main goal is to simply control the motor with this potentiometer.

The motor has hall sensors as well. If there is any other info I can give to assist let me know and any help would be highly appreciated.



You'd be much better off with a purchased controller.  You may well be able to read the throttle easily with an arduino, but you then  have the ( much bigger ) problem of driving the 3-phase motor .




I second the above. There is really no way around buying the appropriate motor controller.


If you are experienced in power electronics and DC motor controller design then a
motor controller for a BLDC would make an interesting project, if not its still an
interesting project with a lot of learning and (expensive) mistakes along the way.

Get the cheap chinese eBike motor controller for that motor and interface to its
throttle control.

Is this for a bike or something else (if so are you looking for bidirectional control?)
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Thanks for the responses. Maybe I am a little over my head when it comes to this little project I would like to do.

How about this, let's say I buy a controller for this motor that comes wired with a throttle connection. Is there a diy on making that throttle switch? Instead of just buying one? Just trying to avoid the buy and install method. 

This is for a bicycle, it is a front hub motor. So no I am not looking to get this to reverse.

Mark, maybe if you can elaborate a little on how I can interface a throttle to the controller. That seems a little more reasonable.


electric bikes normally use a linear hall effect sensor for the throttle. A purchased controller will have a suitable 3-wire interface. Building your own throttle is a significant mechanical project - it's not a switch.

Buy one.




The throttle input is usually a 0-5V analog voltage. You can do this with a potentiometer but a proper hall-effect device will be more reliable over the long term (more than 6 months.) Hall effect throttles are not expensive. You can also use an Arduino to provide this analog input.
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