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note: This post gets updated almost daily (Last update 11/20/11)

Dear Arduino Wizards,

Your platform is sweet.  Here is a revised wish list.

IDE (Processing) REQUESTS:
- ALT keys to access menus:
 (Alt-f file, Alt-s save, Alt-x quit, Alt-k to compile and upload to device (all in one command))
- F3 'find next' (vs. CTRL-F, etc) would be great
- Find dialog to have memory of multiple past searches (arrow down in a listbox style)
- Find dialog option to 'find in project' (not just the current window)
- Autocomplete
- Autosave
- Auto increment build number variable on compile or upload
- Bigger tabs (TAB = 4 or 5 chars wide)
- Help / "Hardware Interfacing" opens a local copy of all the files under http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/InterfacingWithHardware
- Bug: Disable save while compiling (right now it causes a compile error but not right away)
- Bug: Disable upload while compiling (right now it causes a compile error but not right away)
- Bug: quitting a processing window while another is compiling causes the compile to fail (shared temp directory maybe? idk)

- Quick reference to pinouts & common ports used with arduino (eg: sensor shields, 3-pin sensor shields, I2C, etc..)
- As mentioned above, a local copy of of all the hardware interfacing documentation
- All library docs in local browsable html (some are external)
- Bug: Docs for round() function is missing

- Extended trigonometry library (tan, atan, etc..)

- Consider making the Time library standard equipment

Keep up the good work!

a][+ ascii express, 110/300 novation cat, xmodem


Please change your title to reflect the proposed changes - you might get (more) feedback...
Rob Tillaart

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(Please do not PM for private consultancy)


a][+ ascii express, 110/300 novation cat, xmodem


+1 for Autosave!

Save is for Save, and Compile shouldn't be only for Compile, when the IDE is not totally stable. No offense here ;-) I just lost 2hrs of work.. and quite angry about myself.. forgetting to save manually...

Keep the good work!


Oh Yes!  Please add the Alt's, pretty please.

Love the work. 

Sweet and simple enough to unleash my 11yrold at it.   Awesome.

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