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Don't know if you guys are aware of this but if you go to the shift register page the first schematic does not agree with its diagram above it. The diagram seems to be correct but not the schematic.

The diagram and the schematic aren't correct, as mentioned by Garynomad, but they do agree.  My guess is that you think that the pin locations on the schematic diagram of an IC should be physically the same as the pin locations on the chip itself.  That is absolutely incorrect in spite of the fact that many so called 'schematic' diagrams on this and other sites are depicted that way.  On a true schematic diagram the pins are positioned in order for the signal flow to be as straightforward as possible, typically left to right and/or top to bottom.  



OK..I see where I was going wrong. The schematic pin config is laid out different. Seems it should have been laid out like the data sheet. I guess that is what I get for assuming. Thanks for the clarification.



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IMO this schematic is the worst of both worlds, it's drawn as though the pins are the same as the chip, placed directly below a physical diagram, in an article that's designed for beginners, and yet the pins aren't in the same location as the chip and there are no pin numbers to help. Not appropriate for a beginner tutorial.

It's very misleading and I can see why you were confused.

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IMO this schematic is the worst of both worlds,

And unfortunately it looks as if we are stuck with it until the end of time.



The cap should have been small like 0.001uf and been tied to the register clear pin with a 1k pullup so that the registers are 0'd prior to accepting incoming data.

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