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Hi... I am trying to use an attiny85 with the melexis90615 sensor.

I can read the sensor using the i2cmaster library with a duemilanove/328 chip and have no problem.

I can program the attiny85 to blink some leds with no problem.

However, when I try to compile the attiny85 using the same program that I used with the duemilanove, I get an error: PORTC, PORTC4, PORCT5 was not declared in this scope...

Any ideas about how to fix this problem?


attiny85 just has 6 IO pins... on PORTB...

is the "T" in PORCT5 a typo?


Hi... Yes, it was just a typo in my email...  My goal was to see if the i2cmaster library could work with an attiny85. 


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u cound try to change PORTC/PINC/DDRC in the source code to PORTB/PINB/DDRB...

EDIT: ohoh: the pin PB5 of an attiny85 is the reset pin and would at most be a weak output pin, if u turn off external resets (but then u need another way to change the flash memory (via the spm instruction))...

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I'l check into the library, thanks.

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