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It would be quicker to start from scratch, rather than dissassemble a hex file.
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no idea how am gonna do this. the code looks hard. Don't even know how i can make a device usb with arduino. Help please..thanks.


You know, sometimes we just have to face it that a project may be beyond our current skill level, and work to bring that up first.  Speaking for myself I can say that I've done things in the last couple months that were inconceivable a year ago.


can anyone just tell me how i can translate the code given in hex on raijuu website to c++ language as what the arduino understands ?

No. It is not possible to convert hex code back to C++. Compiling is a one way process.
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so can just anyone provide me the code if they know..too much of asking i know..but please bear with me... :.


can the pushbuttons schematics be like this ? (see pic attached)

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