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Thanks Mark!  When I was using no antennas I guess the breadboard must have acted like one.  That gave me 40 foot transmission with an RX/TX pair.

I've also realised that the TX I'm using is on 433 MHz not 315 as previously thought.  I also tried transmitter and that worked from a distance too.  It seems that for whatever reason, the 2 receivers that came with twisted wire antenna are poop.  One would assume that the antennas would be specifically wound and tuned for best results but maybe this is not the case?  Lesson here: if getting a good signal is important buy a couple of wireless modules to test...
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The antennas might be tuned wrongly, might be lower spec.  In general you get worse performance from an antenna that's shorter than 1/4 wave, it just isn't picking up the same cross-section of radio wave.
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