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Jan 04, 2012, 03:33 pm Last Edit: Jan 10, 2012, 03:44 pm by Trump211 Reason: 1
Hey guys, though this would be the best place for this announcement,

I've written a python script which is able to convert entire eagle .brd's into kicad's native file format

It currently is able to transfer everything except zones,
It has some small issues, so If people could test it out and report back that would be awesome

link: https://github.com/Trump211/Eagle2Kicad


Is that for v6 or v5 eagle?


Good Question, I forgot to mention it only works for V6 eagle ".brd" files. 
It converts them into whatever Kicad version is described in the file format documentation included with the latest windows install.
The documentation seems a bit old (2009), but as of the latest bzr revision, kicad still opens and saves the file just fine. 


Good job.
I have tried it and I got and error with one board,Arduino_Eth08d_MU.brd, the others were good. I send you the traceback.
>>> ================================ RESTART ================================
Input Filename: Arduino Nano2.brd
Output Filename: Arduino Nano2_.brd
>>> ================================ RESTART ================================
Input Filename: Arduino_Eth08d_MU.brd
Output Filename: Arduino_Eth08d_MU_.brd
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "z:\Documents and Settings\jrevilla\Mis documentos\Electronics\Design\Converters\Eagle2Kicad\Board\Board.py", line 193, in <module>
  File "z:\Documents and Settings\jrevilla\Mis documentos\Electronics\Design\Converters\Eagle2Kicad\Board\Board.py", line 40, in __init__
  File "z:\Documents and Settings\jrevilla\Mis documentos\Electronics\Design\Converters\Eagle2Kicad\Board\Board.py", line 117, in getTracks
  File "..\Common\Shapes.py", line 193, in __init__
    self.isolate = converter.convertUnit(node.get('isolate'))
  File "..\Common\Converter.py", line 69, in convertUnit
    return int(float(unit)*self.factor)
TypeError: float() argument must be a string or a number
>>> ================================ RESTART ================================
Input Filename: Arduino-Pro-Mini-v10.brd
Output Filename: Arduino-Pro-Mini-v10_.brd
>>> ================================ RESTART ================================
Input Filename: Arduino-Pro-v12.brd
Output Filename: Arduino-Pro-v12_.brd



Hi Jesus,

I found a couple of bugs in the script while trying to convert the same board.
I fixed and commited to git hub, try again with the latest revision

thanks again,
Dan C


is there also a way to open schematic files from eagle to kicad? if i am able to import to brd file from eagle to kicad, will i be able to modify, rearrange and use the java-base software of kicad?


hi everyone,

Trump211 thank by the software. I used http://kicad.jp/Eagle2Kicad to convert devices from eagle to kicad and it works (i havent check it in depth the footprint, it looks like ok from a first quick view).

Let me sugest you one idea: have you consider make a converter to convert .scr to kicad? it is tedious convert for bxl to scr with ultralibrarian, later run the script in eagle to later use you converter eagle2kicad.

What im missins is convert directly from bxl and/or scr to kicad in only one steep. I dont know how dificult is modify your code to get this. I give you the idea if you havent had it earlier :-D, maybe yes.

Thanks again

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