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My piezo buzzer is not playing the melody after i upload the software.  i'm just doing the premade example for tone.  Should I be using a 100 olm resistor or 100K olm resistor.  Is there such thing as 100 olm resistor?  i definitely think I have the wiring correct because i pulled and reconnected after first failure.  the piezo has the short leg to ground and long leg to 100K resistor connected to pin 8.


The Tone tutorial (http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Tone) calls for an "8 ohm small speaker" and "100 ohm resistor".  If you substitute a Piezo Speaker you should look at the "Play Melody" tutorial: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/PlayMelody

Hint: No resistor needed for the piezo speaker.
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Err make sure your Piezo is not a self driven one like a Sonalert. If it is marked with + and - and chimes when a battery is applied you need to obtain a non driven piezo.


Oh you guys are right.  I should be using a 8 ohm speaker for the software I'm uploading.  I will now try the piezo buzzer code.


It is not the software. Both software examples work with both coil and piezo speakers. They both just turn an output pin up/down fast enougfh so you hear a tone.

The point is that IF your "piezo" is not just a plain "stupid" piezo speaker, but a "complicated" buzzer, neither software will work as ajofscott explained. (My initial kit had that problem, the kit supplier had put the wrong type in it)

If it is the right piezo speaker, and it still does not work the other possibilities might be: it is busted, you've got the wrong pin or such like.


yeah i got it working with both hardware items - piezo buzzer and 8-ohm speaker.  However that 8-ohm speaker is super quiet.  I seriously got to hold the speaker up to my ear to hear it.  Anyone else experience this?  what is the fix?


Anyone else experience this? 

Yes what do you expect putting so little into an 8 ohm load with a 100R resistor you are only pushing 8% or so of the output into the speaker. You need to do this because the output current of the arduino is limited.

what is the fix?

Use a transistor to amplify it and connect it to the speaker through a large (100uF or above) capacitor.

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