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I created a  music LED visualizer using parts I had lying around last weekend, not sure how much I will use it but it turned out ok enough to use at parties.  The visualization is done by a mono input that from an line level audio device that feeds into the ADC via an amplifier stage.

Video and construction details @ http://jarv.org/blinkm-music.shtml


I would like to see this visualize music that will light all three lights in each unit at one time or the other. It seems this piece lacks a frequency range that would have lit that one light on each unit that never seems to light.

I love the concept. I have always enjoyed music visualization. So maybe your site could feature a tune or three?

The video is well done also. Good work!


the video (and the sketch i put on on the page) only maps the reading of the ADC to the blue LED.  The green and the red are set to be scaled much lower.  I later added more logic to cycle through the different colors as well as do various effects between each cycle. Unfortunately the video doesn't represent the visualization well.

here is the second program - http://jarv.org/blinkm-music.shtml#program2

Initially was thinking about creating a spectrum analyzer effect by doing ffts on the input but I think with just 4 LEDs (or 12 with the different colors) it probably isn't worth the effort.


Seems like music comes from a mono input. But powered by USB.
You could take advatage of the computer and get quallity frequency if you  're not dependant upon the mono input much.

You may have seen this:
If not it could help.
:D ;D Cool project btw.


it's powered by USB but only for convenience since i happen to have a USB plug that can provide power (not a computer)
yeah i was looking around and saw some interesting ideas for visualization using a computer, i definitely wanted to make this a standalone thing since i have different djs switching off and not all of them will be using a computer to play music.

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