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You can find out your version at Xbox-scene.com.  I would link you but I'm at work and the site is blocked.

Now I have a few questions for you.  First of all, you said it was free, and I was paying >$6 per chip when I ordered so if you could link me the free one I'd really like that.

And second, are you soldering to the controller board for the buttons?  I had to use enameled wire and it is the biggest pain to scratch off the coated traces and have the smallest exposed metal trace to solder to.  How did you do your button connections?  


Edit: Ordered on Analog.com! Awesome find, thanks.


I am soldering to the button pads. I found that using a small piece of fine-grit sandpaper works great to scratch off the coating, and it also etches the contacts a little so solder sticks to it no problem. I just checked with a multimeter which contact was + and which was -, then had to figure out why pulling the pin high wasn't causing a button press (turned out that I was using a PNP transistor instead of an NPN one, so I had to set the pin to high, then pull it low to "push" the button). I wrote a simple program in C# to communicate with the Arduino through serial and allow me to assign buttons (in the program) to "push" the buttons on the controller.


Dude that's an awesome idea! Definitely going to try that when I bust it out again.  Also, I see you're using transistors and pull up/down resistors.  I recommend this Quad Bilateral Switch IC!  It has 4 digital transistors on board.  Power it with the Arduino, connect to ground, and all you have to do is set a pin High to enable the button press, and it condenses the circuit very well due to no resistors or individual transistors!  I started with transistors like you but this was so much easier to manage.  Use 4 of those ICs (~50 cents each) and you can control all the buttons.

I already documented my + & - on my controller, so I'm looking forward to trying this.  I've never scratched off this black coating, how long does it take? I'm not sure what I'll be seeing under it.


It only took me about 3 seconds with the sandpaper. Make sure it's fine-grit though, 220 should be about as low as you go. It's just metal contacts underneath.

And I'll look into that switch, thanks.


@nintendo9713 Don't suppose you can guide a total EE newbie through the process of wiring up an Uno to a 360 controller can you? I've got very limited hardware knowledge, more of a software guy. I've got some quad bilateral switches and a wired controller I can afford to lose.

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