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Hello Everybody,

I have been working long and hard on my first micro controller project an "Automated Brewery Controller" based on the Arduino Platform and i am now pleased to say it is up and running!

Here is a youtube link of it in action here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGfhMaUhQYM

and some pictures here

the Mashtun with Stirrer motor ontop

A screenshot of the mashing stage of the brewing process

Inside The Mashtun

Boil Kettle

Side of the control Panel

4 x Solid State Relays to drive the Motor, Pumps & Heating Element

Very Early Prototype Circuit Board

I Have released the source code and it is available on my website along with some other info related to the project here http://www.halfluck.com

Thanks for looking Rob.


Hi Rob,

I love your work. Thanks for sharing it.


Hey Arnie

Thanks Mate! It's sure is a fun hobby to have  :D

I've been making progress in leaps and bounds lately also had some help from a mate with a PC program to remotely monitor and control HABS

Here's a Screenshot

It basically Emulates a 4x20 LCD Screen, 4 x Buttons and a Speaker Beep.

I've also found this program really comes in handy for testing new code and could come in handy for anyone with a Arduino Project so have uploaded a test sketch and program here


I'll be logging in remotely from work this arvo and configuring and running a brew thru HABS  ;D



Sorry Rob, I've been too busy on the BrewTroller forum to check this one. Well done on the streamed brew day. How are you going with the BT? Are you intending to pension your other system off and go that way like I did with the picaxe?


Hey Arnie,

No Plans at this stage, I did another couple of automated brews on the weekend and they were absolutely flawless. My current system does everything i want and have dreamed of  :)

We have just got data logging and live graphing going over the weekend so next brewday should be good fun.

I am very impressed with the development of Brewtroller (http://www.brewtroller.com) It just goes to show what can happen when a bunch of like minded people work together and i believe the project will really go places and i'm itching to see when some of you guys get your rigs in full auto mode!



A couple of updated shots, eventually i'll get some ss brackets made up for the pumps and get everything hard wired and tidied up but it works good for now!


Hey Guys,

Here's an updated photo of my Arduino Automated Brewery



I take it drinks are on you?:D

Looking good! So interesting what people will come up with for their Arduino projects!

Keep it up, great job!


Hey Guys,

Just a follow up to this, I've brewed nearly 1000L (that's over 100 Cartons) Of Beer on HABS using my the arduino Hardware/Software and it hasn't missed a beat or had any glitches of any kind, that in itself is amazing!

Fantastic work team Arduino

My soruce code and a manual for the project is still available here ==> http://www.halfluck.com/automation/habs

Cheers Rob.



can you tell us more about the pumps ?
there are other project that could benefit for good pumps

and are you driving the pump and stirrer motor with the relay or have you implemented variable speed controller ?



Hey Shodan.

They are perastaltic pumps, they are brilliant because they are self priming and have a controlled flow rate as well as the added advantage of being pinched or closed when not in use (so acts as a on / off valve so to speak)

The ones i have are just off the shelf items but you could even make one youself with some silicon tube and a servo motor!

I have 4 x SSR's on HABS (Heating Element, Sitrrer Motor and 2 x for Pumps) as well as 2 x DS1820 Temperature Sensors and a Float Switch.



Nice rig~!! I like your brewery.
I'm in the design and construction phase of a  three vessel brewery.
Started out as a two but I think I want to sparge after vourlauf.  Call me silly, but  there's fermentables in that thar' grain bed.

 I'm in the design phase of a little brewery.  A search for PWM controller  for a couple of Peltiers got me to Arduino.


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Hello,very nice project.Sorry but I have some error when upload the sketchs,how I should upload it???have a sequence mode??
If I want erase the pump function??I have a automation different and I haven't pump, I want programs a arduino only mashhing,can you help me??Bye


Hey Sampei80,

Is it possible for you post either a screenshot of the error or to post a reply with the acutal error message.

Yes it would be dead easy to disble the pumps, either don't put a SSR on those pins or just comment out the code when the pumps are enabled.



Really nice job there! I'm a fellow brewer from Sweden and I am setting up a temp control for fermentation 1ssr and mash/boil 3 ssr:s. Then I found this and this shortened my development time considerably. Thanks!

Is the source for the "screen emulator" public since I would like to change the path of the output templog file. I don't feel comfortable with granting the program write access to my root (C:\). Right now i'm running it in a virtual machine.

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