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Hello brewhenk,

Good to hear from you! sounds like you have a fantastic project in the making i can't wait to see/hear more about it  :)

Thanks for the compliments i also appreciate that.

Previously I haven't made the source code available for Screen Emulator but i can understand where you are coming from and don't want to slow your project down so here it is ==> http://www.halfluck.com/source/ScreenEmulator.zip

Please let us know if you do anything cool with it  ;D

Cheers Rob.


I read about someone dumping the picaxe. VERY wise decision. Lets repeat this a thousandfold. Arduino rocks, picaxe sucks.



Thanks randyrob, for the scource and inspiration  :).

I'm currently in the prototype phase of my build and have loads to do at work but I hope to have something up and running next summer, june or so.  Will let you know when.

Thanks again.

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