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I'm making a prank with an cheap Arduino made in China, I'm playing with this a few days.

The idea is:

- A 20x4 LCD providing information about Manometric Pressure in BAR.
- The sensor is a MAP MPX4250AP.
- Control the PWM timer registers dutycycle.

The concept is pulse a fuel injector by a PWM, changing the opening time by a duty cycle based by MAP pressure and VSS RPM sensor.
With this, we have a basic to control a fuel injection, I said "basic", to control a engine is necessary some more variables.

For those interested, my desire is to open an opensource project like a Megasquirt for Arduino, a very cheap and simple fuel injection

My channel: http://www.youtube.com/turbownz


Best regards!


The CPU the MegaSquirt uses has a hardware divide function. The ATMega328 doesn't come anywhere near the capabilities. The Mega might be able to do huge lookup tables with no interpolation between them, but why reinvent the wheel, per say?
If I were to do it, I'd either wait for the ARM based Arduino, or grab one of the other already available ARM boards and use one of them. The STM32F4 has an actual FPU, that'd put it well above even the CPU in the MegaSquirt3, I'd imagine. Still, writing all the timing code they have in there, good freakin luck with that.


I do not think to invent the wheel again, this is just a prank. I have a MegaSquirt2 board here, but I would like to do something different.

This STM32F4 looks very interesting.


Has a development board, cost very interesting.


I like Arduino because is very easy to developing, do you know of any material, libraries, communities to development on this board?


Hello, interesting your project, but i don't understand what do you whant to do with Arduino, a piggyback ECU or a standalone ECU (how megasquirt)? 

i'm not an arduino expert, just learning, but i know a lot about ECUs and engines (i'm a professional ECU installer/tuner) and fascinated with the possibility to make someting like a own ECU, but i'm realist, i don't have the knowledge required to program a firmware, this is the hardest part of a project like MS, but like the possibility to learn from this amazing Open Source ECU!!

About making a piggyback ECU, i think is possible and not soo hard for a regular/good arduino user,  this is one of my future projects with this platform, for the moment, i'm working in a boost controller for VNT turbos, with the learnings of this project, i will have more knowledge and practice to initiate a more complex project like the piggyback ecu.  I'm too interested in a project of making a 1 cylinder 2 stroke engine EFI (only fuel injection) with others peoples here in italy, but more and more experience i will need for that.

if do you need some help, don't esitate to ask me, ;)

PS. sorry for my bad english!! :smiley-sad-blue:
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle" Steve Jobs

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A lot has changed in the year since this was first posted. Lately, I've been thinking about designing an "EFI Shield" for the Arduino DUE. The processor in the DUE is way more capable than any of the chips the MegaSquirt has used, and has native CANbus, so it'd make for an excellent base for a fuel injection controller. Not to mention the price.. $50 for a DUE, I think an EFI shield could be done for around $50-$75 (board plus BOM). Finally have a truely open source fuel injection controller. Way beyond my programming skills, but maybe if the hardware existed, others would join in on the project.
And yeah, not a piggyback, I'm talking stand alone engine management. Fuel, spark, boost, run the whole show.. :)


Hello, i'm new to arduino (i'm playng only from december 2012) but fast learnimg the new language, before arduino, my only MCUs projects was with Basic language, first with the basicx Bx24, an atmel based basic stamp, and most recently (about 4 years now) with the Picaxe MCUs families, these microcontrollers are easy to program but slow to think in a ECU EFI project.  when finally i decided to switch to arduino for fast an more complex projects, i realized that learning only arduino language isn't sufficient to program a EFI system, i need to learn plain C to use the registry directly. 

When i have decided to buy the arduino uno i'm evaluated the DUE, but for the moment, i decided for the UNO because costs and standard 5v devices/power suppply/ADC channels, the DUE uses a system working at 3.3V,  and costs twice the UNO.  But you are right, the DUE is MORE POWERFULL (i don't know if more or less or the freescale used in the MS2/3 but sufficient to a EFI project!!).

You are right, a shield for the DUE will be in the region of 50/60$ and finally we can have an experimental EFI for 150$ or less.

This is an interesting project, i will help and contribute all my possibilitie, time permitting.

Cheers! ;)
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle" Steve Jobs

"Se gommo tiene, io vince gara. Se gommo non tiene, io come bomba dentro montagna." Markku Alen

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