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It has me stumped anyone else have an idea?


Turns out the serial port is dead? So I am now using port 8

Not sure I understand that.

Now for some reason the script is not working:

So in what way is it not working?

I would put this code:-
Code: [Select]
SoftwareSerial RFID = SoftwareSerial(rxPin,txPin);

In the setup() function, you don't want to initialise it every time through the loop.

Again you should dig in an put some debug print statements in that code to see where it is going to and work out where it is getting stuck.
So for example after the comment:-
// Read the full code
print out a message to say you have received something.

Code: [Select]
return; // Incomplete packet
Code: [Select]
{ serial.print("Incomplete packet"); return; }// Incomplete packet
and so on and find out what is not happening.

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