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Nov 25, 2010, 03:43 pm Last Edit: Nov 25, 2010, 04:14 pm by Nabe_RMC Reason: 1
I got a dozen of LCDs. So I tried to show toho "Bad Apple" on the LCD.



Ste Hughes


can you talk about it in some detail please?

its pretty Fin legit


There's a taste more here

which I found by following the link printed on his/her custom circuit board.


Nov 25, 2010, 10:21 pm Last Edit: Nov 25, 2010, 11:02 pm by bill2009 Reason: 1
It looks a bit commercial so i guess we'll hear from the original poster again.

seems like a lot of circuitry on that board by the way.


Thanks! I forgot to put a link to information last night.
And that's not something commercal, It's my hobby!
I got about 50 LCDs, so I designed the PCB and ordered.
If you have a RGB LCD and an Arduino, then you don't need to use the PCB. You can display with only some resisters.
Recently I started twitter.And I organized several ID.

About 1year ago, this is me.

Basic information - here

Japanino( ATmega168 ) soled in Japan

Bad Apple on CNN
Bad Apple PV
Miku H@chuNe

The sketch (Bad Apple with Arduino and RGB LCD and SD card) is need to refine, so please wait for a while.
If you do not care dirty source, then please mail me.I will send the current sketch.

I'm sorry poor in English.
I can study English here.
Thanks a lot !


nice one. the etched pcb looks very good. and the lcd seems pretty fast. where did you get it? do you use a library for the lcd? i'd like to have one of those :)


can we see a link to the display that you are using?


Dec 03, 2010, 07:54 pm Last Edit: Dec 03, 2010, 08:04 pm by Nabe_RMC Reason: 1
I got those LCDs "aitendo" web shop in Japan.
I got CASIO "CMV54NT04P"
In Japan, it is popular pinball game. And The LCDs had been used as display.They have been around secondhand. So, they are cheap.

SHARP LCD seems to be senstive to the vertical sync sgnal.
So, I like CASIO LCD but CASIO LCD seems to be sold out.

Actually the number of horzontal lines are more than 255 ( non-interlaced method)...
CASIO LCD is OK  - 1byte counter for horizontal line count.
SHARP LCD needs 2byte counter.
ATmega338P is 8bit microcontroller......so 2byte operation takes time.

They are Analog RGB. And "Bad Apple" movie is 60 frames per second,  144 * 108 pixel.
(144*108)pixel/8bit = 1944byte <- need for V-RAM
but ATmega 328P has only 2kbyte RAM.
So, the screen is divded in half in the process.

144*108 It seems to be a little unreasonable.
The process SD card reading is overtaken by display process.
It becomeds the noise of the screen.
So, I am organizing the program to lower the resolution.
I will up the skech about next week end.

Why I orderd PCB, you'll understand to see this movie.
I changed ending.


thanks for the info about the lcds, i couldn't find a place that sells the casio or sharp displays. if someone knows where to get these (or more or less similar ones that "work with arduino" aka library available or something), please post it here.

ps: the babelfish-translation of that webshop is great. favourite: "the cart is the sky." well said.


In Japan, LCD and OLED are on sale in the market seems to be surplus.

[Arduino with OLED display (96*64 px) and handmade micro SD-card Shield]
[Testing TFT-LCD Shield with Arduino]
[cuckoo clock]
These videos are uploaded by my acquaintance.
He has realized using Arduino SPI.

p.s. "the cart is the sky." <- good translation !   ;D
read "kara" menas "empty"
read "sora" means "sky"


[I am a Google translation of Japanese to English.]
I am not a Google. :D
I use Google translation into English to Japanese.
I translate Japanese into English using Google translate.

sorry,  I 'm poor English.

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