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Which ever pin you like.

You then just have to add it in the code.


Hello all,

I am currently working with the CapSense library to create capacitive sensors with Arduino. I managed to make some sensors (made of copper wire) work but I will need 16 sensors (there are no enough digital pins for that). Does anyone have experience with using a 4051 or 4067 analog multiplexer with capacitive sensing?

Thanks in advance.

PS. The sensors do not have to output super-precise values.


there are no enough digital pins for that

There are. You can use the analog input pins as digital pins too.
Numbered 14-19


First of all, thanks for the fast answer.

It might be a solution, I'll try it with the analog pins.
There is only one drawback left: I still have to run a led driver that takes up 5 digital pins (13, 11, 20, 9, 4). Anyhow, I cannot avoid using a multiplexer, I hope someone has experience with that.


I hope someone has experience with that.

They're not too tricky but I would suggest using the LED driver through the multiplexer as the capsense library may be a pain to use through one.

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