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Wow, just finished reading the blog, what a  nightmare!  Thank you for all the effort that went into that David.
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Being an IT Director at a local company, I can certainly feel the pain here.  Upgrades are never easy, nor cheap.  I've long accepted that no matter how prepared one is, no matter how well thought out the process is, there will always be something that will come bite you.  Nature of the beast.  I appreciate the post from David.  I can see we were running against some limitations there and while I still see the occasional slow down or even timeouts still, it's nowhere near as bad as it was.

On the issue of database, David, has anyone spend time looking at the actual queries being made?  If it's a MySQL database, I would enable slow_query_log, set the time to five seconds and let it run for a day or two.  I'm willing to bed you will find a bunch of queries that could potentially be optimized for a faster response out of the server.  Even if it's simply adding a new index.  This is the Achilles heal for all forum applications, the constant database traffic.

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