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Hi all !

I play drums and I'd like to add to my set an electronic pad : I beat the moss, guess I'll use a piezzo microphone, then a sound is sent to a jack out.

That's my first Arduino assembly, so that I need your help.

Here is what i thought to use :
_ a piezzo microphone
_ a LCD screen (to tell which sound is played)
_ 2 knobs to change the sound
_ one jack out

Then I guess I'll use a free midi library to have some good sounds !

Is it possible to do this with an Arduino Uno ?
What are your advices ?


The Arduino can happily sample a piezo transducer to get a value relative to how hard you have hit the drum pad.

Sending that as a MIDI note code through a MIDI port attached to the serial IO pins is simple enough as well.

The "knobs" you refer to I guess would best be created using what is known as "Rotary Encoders".  These are like two switches which open and close in specific sequences to indicate the direction of rotation.  They operate best when linked to interrupt enabled pins as they like to be responded to nice and fast in order to make the perceived rotation nice and smooth.

And an LCD is simple to interface - plenty of examples and tutorials, and a standard library for you as well.

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