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I am wanting to drive a 12 volt PWM hydraulic coil with a Uno board. If I set up an output driver with P channel mosfet's will the 5 volt output of the Uno board operate the gate of the mosfet's correctly?


If you want to switch 12v then using a logic level N-channel mosfet as a low-side switch has two advantages over using a P-channel mosfet as a high side switch:

1. You can drive the mosfet gate from an Arduino pin with nothing ore than a series resistor of about 120 ohms (whereas you will need a transistor to level shift the gate drive to a P-channel mosfet);

2. It's easier and less expensive to get an N-channel mosfet with low Rds(on) (and hence low power dissipation)than a P-channel mosfet.
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