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that's funny:
everytime they try to upgrade something (see old yabb to new SMF forum) goes wrong (hoster, software or hardware problems)..

anyway i think (hope) the arduino team is working hard for fixing this problem  ;)
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Hej guys,

I am sorry for the silence when it comes to this ... we have been very busy with the server upgrade, implementing  a new backup system, etc. This issue has of course priority and we will try to fix it during today.

Again, I am really sorry for the inconvenience and I should be the one to blame for this ...

If it helps in any way, thing is you guys were lasting an 8 cores computer to the point that it was impossible to even list a directory, therefore we had to make sure we had a proper machine to run the forum before we could go into fixing mode.

Things will be much much better from now on.




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Just out of curiosity, what are the specs of the new machine. Hardware, file-systems, OS ...



as taken from the ServInt website:

Solo Pro 1260
Quad Core Xeon® X3450 Processor *
4 x 2.66 GHz HyperThreaded Cores
8 MB L3 Cache, 1333 MHz FSB
12 GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory
650 GB Usable Storage
Serial ATA Storage in RAID 1
8 TB Monthly Transfer
Full Specs
100 Mbps Uplink Port
4 IP Addresses
CentOS 5 or 6, 32 or 64-bit
Unlimited Domains and User Accounts
FREE cPanel or Parallels® Plesk Panel
FREE Daily Off-Server Backups



Just made a blog post on this matter:



We forgive you David! This time!;)


Connection Problems

Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.

A dozen times tonight. A week after the upgrade.

Have you considered changing to more competent service providers? Seriously.
Please post technical questions on the forum, not by personal message. Thanks!

More info: http://www.gammon.com.au/electronics


Thank you Nick for speaking out what I was thinking all through this European Morning.......

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