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I looked for a pretty long time and couldn't dig anything up that helped me on this topic.
I want to know if there is a way to directly interface 12 servos on the Scout system and control them via serial communication. I know it's possible, but i am a heavy beginner when it comes to arduino coding. Is there software like FLOWSTONE for the arduino, kind of like a graphical sequencer that generates code? I have an Arduino Mega ADK and want to first get the bot running, then get it powered by android.

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kind of like a graphical sequencer that generates code?

Lynxmotion has some software that is used with their bots. I think that it works with the ssc-32 servo controller, which is conrolled with simple ascii characters followed by a carrage return. You probably could write very simple code for the mega to convert the software sent commands into servo position commands.
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