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... picture of an Arduino with a MagJack (in place of the USB connector) and what looks like Ethernet IC (in addition to the the ATMega).

New product perhaps?

Anyone care to comment?


One thing I would draw your attention to is the fact that all 3 boards are different slightly. Perhaps this is a lineage of some knockoff (e.g. v1, v2, v3?)


Yup, I noticed the same thing.  

I heard back from the photographer they are just "older 'duinos"

It was cropped out of a photo that mostly contained "official hardware".  Since I didn't recognize it, I thought it might be a new product.  Sadly not.

Here is the original photo:


Well that explains a lot. I was getting all excited as well.


There has been prototypes around for a while. I feel old that I remember them...



Are there any "successful" designs incorporating an Ethernet interface onboard?

Curious because I'm working on one right now and would love to compare/copy from others. :D


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The german surplus vendor Pollin offers an Atmel 32 based Ethernet board:


Atmel 644 is pin compatible to Atmel 32. The 644 is also known as Sanguino and should work with the Arduino IDE. So if you use this board and replace the processor you have the desired result.

I am not aware of an US vendor for this board but I would expect that these boards are availabile somewhere else as well. As far as I know Pollin never manufactures on its own.

A similar but smaller and more expensive module can be found here
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