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Hi i have a stepper motor OKI EM-295 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epson-P113A-Part-Step-Motor-OKI-EM-295-/350394397685

Problem is i can't find any information regarding this motor. Is there any way for me to determine the degrees per step of this motor?.. I already can control it via a motor driver and arduino but i need to know what is the degrees per step of this motor. Hope someone can help me.. Thanks in Advance

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Simplest way is to put a small piece of tape on it and give it a set number of pulses and see if you get a full revolution.
There are a limited number of steps per rev that is made. The most common ones being 200 steps, 100 steps or 48 steps per revolution. One of those should be spot on.


Thanks sir.. i tried it and found out that my motor takes 48 steps to perform 1 revolution.. so im guessing that my motor is a 7.5 degrees stepper motor?. AM i ryt?


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