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@tytower: sorry, yes it´s only tested on Arduino 1.0
Is there a special reason you don´t use version 1.0?

I will have a look if I can do something for older versions.


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Regarding pre arduino 1.0 version compatibility I have found this thread:

short version (adapt to your arduino version):
edit file arduino-0022/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/wiring.h
comment out line 79 (round macro)
#define round(x)     ((x)>=0?(long)((x)+0.5):(long)((x)-0.5))
change that line to read
// #define round(x)     ((x)>=0?(long)((x)+0.5):(long)((x)-0.5))

tested on arduino-0023

I have checked in a small change in my code which fixes things from my side.
The sketch should compile fine on older arduino versions now.


Thanks I'll give it another try
I have problems getting V1 up and running on my Linux Distro and have V0022 running on a stick so I can still play Arduino
V1 seems to have problems on Linux that I have not resolved yet
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I have upadted the README, btw.
See Installation.

README softboard

   Arduino software breadboard.
   Hardware/software developing/testing tool.

   Simple hardware menu interface over serial line
   as a kind of software breadboard

   Read/set I/O pin configuration and states, switch pins on/off.
   Read and write digital and analog values, switch pullup/high-z,
   watch changing inputs over time.

   Send 'm' over serial line and a menu will be sent back
   displaying info on its one-letter commands.

   Easy to write your own menu, but not documented yet...
   Use it together with your own programs.


   Get it from http://github.com/reppr/softboard
   Move the 'softboard' folder with all files
   to your arduino sketchbook/ folder.
   Load the sketch from arduino menu Files>Sketchbook>softboard.

   Older arduino versions than 1.0 need a fix:
     see this thread:

       short version (adapt to your arduino version)
         edit file arduino-0022/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/wiring.h
         comment out line 79 (round macro)
         #define round(x)     ((x)>=0?(long)((x)+0.5):(long)((x)-0.5))
         tested on arduino-0023

    For older arduino versions you also have to rename the sketch file
    from softboard.ino to softboard.pde

   How it works:

   Communicate over serial. The minimalistic menu shows you one letter
   commands to send. The menu reacts on these commands and reads numbers.

   Example 1:  'P13 OH' switch LED on   (P select pin, O output, H high)
               'L'      off again       (L low)

   Example 2:  'P13 IH' pullup LED pin  (P select pin, I input, H high)
                                        LED glows at low level
               'O'      LED as OUTPUT   now the LED is on

   Example 3:  Watch an analog input like a VU meter, changing over time.
               See electric noise on unconnected floating A2 input
               scrolling over your serial terminal.
               (Touch the input if there is no visible signal.)

               Now connect a sensor to the input and explore its data...

               'P2 v'      P=select pin (both analogue or digital)
                           v=display analog read values and bar graphs

175     ***********
190     ************
192     *************
181     ************
163     ***********
158     **********
164     ***********
181     ************
192     *************
190     ************
176     ************
161     ***********
159     **********
168     ***********
186     ************
194     *************
188     ************
170     ***********

   Example 4:  'a'      Display snapshot values on analog inputs.

                        [fixed font only]
pin     value   |                               |                               |
0       609     ***************************************
1       504     ********************************
2       451     *****************************
3       398     *************************
4       383     ************************
5       409     **************************

   Example 5:  '.'      Display info about all pin's I/O configuration and states.

pin 0  I  hi-z
pin 1  I  hi-z
pin 2  O  high
pin 3  O  low
pin 4  I  hi-z
*pin 5  I  pullup       // * indicates the selected pin
pin 6  I  hi-z
pin 7  I  hi-z
pin 8  I  hi-z
pin 9  I  hi-z
pin 10 I  hi-z
pin 11 I  hi-z
pin 12 I  hi-z
pin 13 I  pullup

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